Allspice Ground

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Allspice is a member of the myrtle family, grown primarily in Jamaica. The allspice berry is a reddish greenish brown and about the size of a pea. The allspice tree grows about 30 feet tall (9 meters), and is an evergreen with dark green shiny leaves and clusters of small white flowers. Allspice was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus who mistakenly thought it was pepper. Allspice is the only spice of any major consequence that is still grown almost entirely on the Caribbean islands.

Allspice is used in Ketchup, pickles, baking and  also in colognes with spicy notes. Allspice’s taste could best be described as a combination of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg which explains its all purpose name. This complex, sweet spice has a myriad of uses from barbecue sauces to pickling and all things in between. Whole allspice berries are used in fruit and vegetable pickles and fish stocks. The ground berry is a key ingredient in Caribbean Jerk dishes, gravies and barbecue sauces.

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