Vegetable Flakes are Great for use in a Variety of Dishes


    Spices and seasonings help to make good foods even better, but there is far more to spicing up food than adding salt and pepper. Many wonderful seasonings are available, and one of the most popular is vegetable flakes. They are a great and delicious mix of dried vegetables, and they are healthy as well. Many people use them in soups, but they serve a variety of other purposes for the savvy chef. They also work well in stew, sauce and rice, and just about every other food you make. The ingredients of the vegetable flakes are potatoes, peas, carrots, onions, and celery. The ingredients are dehydrated and they come to life when added to a variety of dishes. They add a great, flavorful extra touch to even the best of recipes, and many are surprised at just how useful they are.




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