The Great Spice of Cayenne Pepper


    Cayenne pepper is believed by many to have come from a town in French Guiana named Cayenne. This spice is finely ground and contains a number of different dried hot peppers. When ground, cayenne pepper also goes by the name of "ground red pepper", which is the same thing. Concentrated, the heat produced by this spice is quite intense, used commonly for Mexican and other ethnic foods. In fact, some people state they experience some type of natural high after foods made from this spice, simply from the burn. Although not really known why, many scientists believe that endorphins are released by the brain, which are known for creating a sense of pleasure. This particular spice is sold in a variety of size options and for anyone who loves cooking spicy food; it is one that should be in the cabinet of every kitchen. The rich, fiery flavor is hard to beat.




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