Why Use Sour Salt?


    Sour salt, also known by the technical name calcium citrate, is an acidic ingredient that is found in a variety of citrus fruit, such as lemons and limes. The salt has a very distinctive sour taste, and is used in a number of different recipes. In addition to being used as flavoring in certain recipes, such as borsht, lemon cheesecake and other foods that require a bit of a sour taste, it was once used to make phosphate drinks in soda fountains. Other uses are in the making of sausage, as well as pickling and canning fruits. It helps them keep a healthy and appealing color. People can find any number of different used for sour salt in their cooking, from making a sweet and sour sauce to spicing up just about any dish. The use of this spice is limited only by the imagination of the cook.




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