Rosemary Ground

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), small perennial evergreen shrub of the mint family (Laminaceae, or Labiatae) whose leaves are used to flavour foods. Rosemary leaves have a tealike fragrance and a pungent, slightly bitter taste. They are generally used sparingly, dried or fresh, to season foods, particularly lamb, duck, chicken, sausages, seafood, stuffings, stews, soups, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, other vegetables, and beverages. Whole sprigs are removed before food is served because of their powerful taste. In ancient times rosemary was believed to strengthen the memory; in literature and folklore it is an emblem of remembrance and fidelity. Rosemary is slightly stimulating; in traditional medicine it was a popular aromatic constituent of tonics and liniments. Today, its fragrant oil is an ingredient in numerous toiletry products and in vermouth. Native to the Mediterranean region, it has been naturalized throughout Europe and temperate America and is widely grown in gardens in the warmer parts of the U.S. and in Great Britain, where an old garden legend reads "where rosemary thrives the mistress is master."

Rosemary Ground is available in 10 oz., 5 oz., and 2 oz. sizes. All A1 herbs, spices and seasonings are freshness sealed in durable and attractive clear plastic bottles. For bulk pricing contact us here. or call 516-801-2132.

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Rosemary Ground
Rosemary Ground

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