Marjoram Is Aromatic and Delicious


    The low-growing perennial herb known as Marjoram is a lovely garden essential. Considered a more delicate and finer tasting relative to oregano, it has delicious pine and citrus scents and flavors and produces tiny and charming flowers. But Marjoram is also a key ingredient to many popular herbal or spice blends. It appears in "Herbes de Provence"; it is usually included in a "bouquet garni" and in the wonderful combination known as "fines herbes", all of which season egg, meat and vegetable dishes beautifully. The highly versatile herb is also used in the making of sausages, fish and tomato dishes, in stuffing and breads, and also in salad dressings and chowders. Marjoram is considered a common ingredient in American, French, Italian, North African, and Middle Eastern cuisines.




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