The Beauty of Hickory Smoked Salt


    Interestingly, many new flavors of salt are being introduced and with great success. One of these is hickory smoked salt, which is incredible for barbecue, as well as other dishes. This particular salt is developed to create a smoky flavor that is deep and rich. Usually, hickory smoked salt is used as a rub or marinade for beef, fish, pork, and poultry. However, some people have even found this salt is delicious on vegetables such as onions, squash, and corn. Another benefit to using this smoky salt is adding it to sauces and gravies, creating a wonderful and unique flavor. When using the salt as a marinade or rub, it is recommended that the meat be left to soak up the flavors for about eight hours. Once put on the grill, the flavors will be enhanced. The ingredients of this salt include salt, along with a special smoky-flavored oil.




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