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Ginger Zingiber officinale), herbaceous perennial plant of the family Zingiberaceae, probably native to southeastern Asia, or its aromatic, pungent rhizome (underground stem) used as a spice, flavouring, food, and medicine. Its generic name Zingiber is derived from the Greek zingiberis, which comes from the Sanskrit name of the spice, singabera. Its use in India and China has been known from ancient times, and by the 1st century AD traders had taken ginger into the Mediterranean region. By the 11th century it was well known in England. The Spaniards brought it to the West Indies and Mexico soon after the conquest, and by 1547 ginger was being exported from Santiago to Spain. The spice has a slightly biting taste and is used, usually dried and ground, to flavour breads, sauces, curry dishes, confections, pickles, and ginger ale. The fresh rhizome, green ginger, is used in cooking. The peeled rhizomes may be preserved by boiling in syrup. In Japan and elsewhere, slices of ginger are eaten between dishes or courses to clear the palate. Ginger is used medically to treat flatulence and colic. Although gingerbread may seem like a recent (and Western) invention, it was actually being made by Greek bakers more than 4 thousand years ago.

Ginger Whole is available in 15 oz., 7 oz., and 2 oz. sizes. All A1 herbs, spices and seasonings are freshness sealed in durable and attractive clear plastic bottles. For bulk pricing contact us here. or call 516-801-2132.

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1672 Ginger Whole 25 lb. Bag $149.99 Buy it!
1671 Ginger Whole 15 lb. Bag $96.99 Buy it!
1670 Ginger Whole10 lb. Bag $74.99 Buy it!
1365 Ginger Whole 5 lb. Jug $38.99 Buy it!
0952 Ginger Whole 15 oz. $9.99 Buy it!
0552 Ginger Whole 7 oz. $6.59 Buy it!
0751 Ginger Whole 2 oz. $4.49 Buy it!

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Ginger Whole
Ginger Whole

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