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Garlic (species Allium sativum), bulbous perennial plant of the lily family (Liliaceae). The plant's bulbs are used as a flavouring. A classic ingredient in many national cuisines, garlic has a powerful, onionlike aroma and pungent taste; its wide use in the United States originated among European immigrant groups. In ancient and medieval times garlic was prized for its medicinal properties and was carried as a charm against vampires and other evils. Garlic bulbs are used either sliced or ground to flavour tomato sauces, stews, and salad dressings in southern European and Asian cuisines. Beginning, possibly, with the ancient Egyptians, garlic has been reputed to help alleviate many medical problems, including: reducing high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and headaches, and to disinfect wounds, kill parasitic worms, and generally maintain health. There is some scientific evidence that allicin, the chemical in garlic that gives it its smell, destroys bacteria, fungus, and yeast. Allicin breaks down with cooking, so cooked garlic and "de-odorized" garlic may lack this chemical. In addition, there's evidence that allicin reduces blood clotting and possibly lowers blood pressure.

Garlic Pepper is available in 20 oz., 10 oz., and 4 oz. sizes. All A1 herbs, spices and seasonings are freshness sealed in durable and attractive clear plastic bottles. For bulk pricing contact us here. or call 516-801-2132.

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1658 Garlic Pepper 25 lb. Bag $145.99 Buy it!
1657 Garlic Pepper 15 lb. Bag $94.99 Buy it!
1656 Garlic Pepper 10 lb. Bag $64.99 Buy it!
1360 Garlic Pepper 6 lb. Jug $37.99 Buy it!
0947 Garlic Pepper 20 oz. $10.69 Buy it!
0546 Garlic Pepper 10 oz. $5.99 Buy it!
0746 Garlic Pepper 4 oz. $4.29 Buy it!

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Garlic Pepper
Garlic Pepper

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