The Uses of Cream of Tartar in Cooking and Beyond


    Cream of Tartar, known by some as potassium hydrogen tartrate, is an acidic salt. It has many different used in the kitchen. Interestingly, grapes are the main producer of tartaric acid, from which this ingredient is derived. One of the best known uses of the ingredient in most kitchens is with beaten egg whites. It helps to stabilize them and give them more volume. In addition, it is one of the main ingredients in a variety of baking powders. Cream of Tartar is often used in the making of sweet desserts such as angel food cake, frosting, and candy. In commercial circles, it can be used in sodas, candy, cakes, gelatin, and more. One of the strange but practical uses of this ingredient is to clean cookware made of copper or brass. This unique ingredient serves many different and useful purposes.




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